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#Blogchatterprojects #HealthisDiamond - 10 Realistic ways to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle

“To eat is a necessity but to eat intelligently is an art- Francois Rocheyoulavid

Very well said. it is true that healthy eating is one of the major components of the healthy lifestyle. And every day thousands of people (like us) make the decision to start eating better and healthy to make their lifestyle healthy as well as happy but often faced some common obstacles to adopt a healthy lifestyle .

 I also had a similar story like most of the mom, when I had struggled really hard to follow a healthy diet routine (because of pressure of multiple responsibilities)
Here is my story:

My story

Being grew up in a typical vegetarian Indian family, we had a settled meal routine as full Indian platter (Dal, rice, chapatti, sabzi, salad etc.), since childhood. And during those days, eat a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet was not a struggle for us (and I think most of us who grew up in that era, would agree with me). In fact, I had followed a good diet routine without any discomfort for long years. But my real struggle gets started after being a mommy, especially after the birth of my second child, I got too stressed with multiple responsibilities and this pressure has affected my diet routine so adversely. I wouldn’t be able to follow my timing and other things like previously. I had skipped breakfast; I had eaten only leftover food from kids. In fact, sometimes I had no desire to eat because of lack of sleep, tension and anxiety.

I believed it is a common scenario that happens with most of the women after being a mom. No doubt, being a mom is the most beautiful experience of any women’s life, another side after being a mom, we always had tons of responsibilities it becomes difficult to maintain a strict diet, exercise or any self-care routine like we had done before.

By the way, coming back to the recent topic, healthy eating and after having a long period of struggle, I had observed that healthy eating is all about the making small changes. And here I am sharing some realistic ways that have helped me a lot to eat healthy even during busiest days.

And before making any diet changes it is very important to win the mind game.

Win the mind game and adopt healthy eating as a way of living

When we start a healthy diet in the form any strict diet change or diet plan, it becomes really hard to follow the same pattern for a long time. After some time, we get a sense of over temptation and get back to the old habits. Instead, when we try to adopt a way of living with a positive and optimistic attitude, it is more likely that we would be better able to make these changes as a part of our life.

Advance menu planning- of course, if we want to eat healthy food during hectic weekdays, it is must to pre-plan our weekday’s menu during weekends.  Adopting healthy eating habits just got easier with the help of advance menu planning.  And when we cook with an advanced pre-preparation for our self and our family, we shall likely wind up eating fewer calories, reducing saturated fats and sodium and increasing the number of fruits and vegetables.

  Shop smartly- build a healthy diet with smart shopping is the second important strategy that makes your healthy eating a little easier... making the healthiest food choices when shopping and eating out is a key to consuming a well-balanced and healthy diet. Healthy food choices do not only help in stay within your calorie needs; they will also help in weight management as well.  make a shopping list with healthy ingredients, avoid buying unhealthy packaged foods,  read labels and select the appropriate product are some simple steps that help in healthy shopping.

Healthy makeover of your favourite recipes

  Select recipes according to taste preference of your family and you can do a “healthy makeover” to create a healthy recipe. In fact, the ingredient substitution talents can help transform many unhealthy recipes into healthy recipes. We can use our creativity and imagination to find other ways to create healthy recipes

Never skip the breakfast

You may be tired of hearing about how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But it is a scientifically proven fact, that eating a healthy and nutritious breakfast not only help you get a jump start on your day with positive mood and uplifting energy, it plays an important role in the prevention of various metabolic and lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, heart diseases as well.

Add more fruits and vegetables to your diet

Of course, fruits and vegetables are the great source of nutrition and include more fruits and vegetables in your diet, will help you in eating healthy. Here are the two simple way to do that.

Start the main meal with a vegetable platter- this is another simple but effective way to include more vegetables in your routine diet.  Start your main meal with an attractive vegetable platter (preferably raw) with some healthy dressing. This step allows us to fill up sooner and help in eat less in the following meal. It is a simple way to maintain our vegetable requirement for the day. It helps in adding fibre in the diet and also a great source for healthy weight management.

Healthy snacking with fresh fruits and dry fruit- no doubt, unhealthy and processed food snack is the major cause of unnecessary calorie intake and may cause obesity and metabolic disorders at the young age. Eating a nutritious and healthy snack can boost your daily intakes of essential nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants. Always prepare some healthy snakes to carries for on the go, is a great way to avoid consumption of unhealthy and processed foods.

Replace the white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice- scientific studies suggested that brown rice and brown bread both are the finest source of vitamin B-complex, fibers and proteins. While white bread and white rice made with the refined flours. Refined carbohydrates are low in essential nutrients and have been linked with the range of health problems such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, and obesity. So why not replace the white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice? It is a healthier option and helps us feel full for a longer period of time. 

Pay more attention to method of cooking

Apart from maintaining nutritional requirements, it is equally important to use a healthy method of cooking. Deep frying or overcooking often destroys nutritional elements of healthy cooking ingredients. So, try to use alternative healthy ways of cooking (such as steaming or stir-frying) is a great way to keep nutritional value of cooking ingredients intact.

Do not overeat

 Avoid overeating. Overeating not only causes weight gain, but it also slows down the digestion and makes you prone to serious metabolic disorders. Instead, try to eat in every three hours will help to keep your blood sugar study and decrease overeating at meal times.

These are just some small but smart changes that can make a big difference. Still, I am in the learning phase and trying to incorporate the more healthy habits in my everyday life. I would definitely to learn more from experience. How did you manage a healthy eating pattern for you and your family, while dealing with multiple responsibilities? What are your secret weapons that help you eat better during hectic days? Please share with us!

This post is a part of #blogchatterprojects. And I would love to say again #healthisDiamond, #healthiswealth, let’s make health is a first priority.

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#Blogchatterprojects, #HealthisDiamond- Three common obstacles to adopting a healthy lifestyle and How to overcome them?

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a something that everyone wants to achieve. However, the pathway to good health is not as easy as sound. And most of us had some common circumstances.
Such as,

Oh! I had tried to get up early, I had set the alarm with a plan to hit the gym or for the morning walk, I done my all possible effort to maintain a regular physical activity schedule, yet somehow the best laid plans go awry”.

I had made a New Year resolution to shed off those extra pounds by eating healthy and regular exercise, but deadlines and obligations get piled up, I am barrelling from one thing to the next without time to catch my breath”

“I had planned a strict diet schedule this weekend with lots of veggies and fruits, it is just the middle of the week, and I am feeling down on myself and losing motivation to eat healthy”

Do these situations sound familiar? All these circumstances are so common and most of us faced them during routine hectic life schedule. These kinds of situations create a barrier to leading a healthy as well happy lifestyle for most of us.

Personally, I had faced these kinds of obstacles so many times (still, the battle is on, I am trying to overcome them, with my best possible efforts). These things felt like a failure and most of us felt that “living a healthy lifestyle” is really heard.

But now when we had a strong motivation to make health as a first priority and we do believe that #healthisDiamond, it is must to understand these common obstacles and how to overcome them?


We lived in an incredibly busy world. We always had tons of personal, professional, social responsibilities. And during routine hectic life schedule, sometimes finding time for a healthy lifestyle can feel almost impossible,

Sometimes, it is really hard to carve out the time for all the things that really matter to you or you actually want to do that. So, yes! It is true that Lack of time and pressure of multiple responsibilities is the major obstacle that creates a barrier to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. And like all other moms, I also had faced the same issue especially after being a mommy.


v  Of course, we have to learn some time management strategies for carving out a good time for eating healthy and maintaining a regular exercise schedule.
v  Pre-planning and prior scheduling is the best thing that helps a lot, pre-plan your whole week with a moderate attitude.
v  Use your in-between time slot smartly with small steps such as take staircase instead of lift, do some easy yoga moves while watching TV or cooking.
v  Always focus on enjoying each change you have made and make some time for it, but it doesn’t have to be as miserable as it’s made to be getting the results.
v  Go on slow and replace one unhealthy habit with a healthy one at one time. Try to make these changes a part of your life with positivity.
v  Surround yourself with positive people who already following a healthy lifestyle and try to learn from them, that how they are managing all things together.
These are the smallest things that will help a lot in removing the first obstacle. Right now, I am working on all these things gradually. And with the help of these tactics, I am getting desired results.

Get bored easily

Of course, living a healthy lifestyle requires certain changes, rules and regulation. It needs a constant motivation to do right things, at right time. And most of the people did not find it interesting and get bored with a strict schedule.  This attitude becomes a second major obstacle that put a barrier between you and healthy lifestyle.


v  Being creative and add some interesting flavour to your healthy lifestyle routine is must to keep the spirit alive. And we can do it by making some simple changes such as:
v  It is not necessary that healthy diet should be always a boring and tasteless diet; you can do a healthy makeover of your favourite dish by adding some healthy ingredients. Also, with the help of changing the method of cooking (steaming or baking instead of deep frying) could make a major difference.
v  In the same way, for regular exercise chooses the activity that you enjoy. Make variation in your workout routine; take the help of family members and friends to make it interesting. Always explore the new options for exercising.
These things will definitely help to get rid of boredom and you would be better able to follow a healthy lifestyle with a positive attitude.

Overloading information (but not correct direction)

With the latest technological development, we had an abundance of information about living a healthy lifestyle. Each day we heard about the “latest diet plan for fast weight loss” or “latest gadget “to lose weight fast, with this overflowing information, it becomes nearly impossible to know what is right and appropriate for us? I think this is another obstacle that creates a state of confusion for most of the people, who had a strong desire to live a healthy lifestyle but did not have correct knowledge and direction to follow it.


v  Educate yourself and avoid follow the blind advice from your friend, neighbours and other non-reliable sources is the best thing that can make our path a little easier.
v  Keep remember that “each one has a different body type and the diet and exercise that may have worked for someone, may go against you”.
v  Do not hesitate to ask for professional help if you are too confused and have no idea about how to begin? Also, if you already had any pre-existing disease condition, it is always advisable to take a professional medical advice for avoiding any serious consequences.

Apart from these major 3 obstacles, most of us faced some common psychological issues like feeling deprived. Having a lack of constant motivation and unable to maintain an ideal balance while living a healthy lifestyle. And all these things can be solved with a proper analysis and a little pre-planning.

So, at the end of this post, I would love to know about your experience. What are the obstacles you had faced while trying to live a healthy lifestyle? How had you overcome them? Please share with us!

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#Blogchatterprojects #HealthisDiamond- Here is Why Putting Your Health First Should be a Priority?

“Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings”- Publilius Syrus.
Very well said, it is true that good Health is the most precious gift of the god, and it is not just about the freedom from the disease condition, it is about an overall well-being of the person. With good health, we can make the full use of our life compared to those who live with various disease conditions.

 According to the Who, “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. There is the number of reasons, why good health is so important. (And I know you all already know that it is just a quick reminder)

With good health: 

  •   We can live longer
  • We can enjoy our life to fullest
  •   Defenately we will look good and feel good.
  •   We will have better mood, increased energy and more productivity. 
  •  We will have better immunity and less chances of repeated infection.
  •  We will have lower chances of various chronic and lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • We will have reduced medical bill expenses.  We would be able to cope with routine stress much better

Of course, we all know these great advantages of being healthy. But, despite these well known facts, sometimes “Health”, has become one of the most ignored aspects of life. Many people learn its importance after a major wake up call.

I was one of them.

 “It was almost 9 years ago, when I was expecting our first child. During second trimester of pregnancy, I had a sudden and severe onset of preeclampsia symptoms (high B.P., swelling and oedema, and high protein in urine). My doctor has told me, that my body is not good enough to carry the baby up to full term. Despite repeated hospitalization and close monitoring, I had IUD (intrauterine death of foetus) in 7th month. This was the most painful experience of life. I had lost my all hope and faith from the god. But After an initial recovery from my child loss, I had realised that “good health” is one of the most important thing in life. After lots of reading and various major lifestyle adjustments, I got the gift of motherhood. During these difficult journey, I had learnt an important life lesson that

Your body is your most priceless possession, so go take care of it.”

However I had learnt the most important life lesson after this tragic experience. But, when we have a closer look to various disease statics, results are not so welcoming.

Have a look on this statistics:

  • ·         According to data’s, the burden of chronic diseases and lifestyle diseases is rapidly increasing worldwide. Almost ½ of the total chronic diseases are attributable to CVS, obesity, and diabetes. These diseases are showing a worrying trend, and not only because they already affecting a large proportion of the population, but also because they have started to appear earlier in the life.
  • ·  Scientific study shows that with rapid economic development and increased westernisation of lifestyle in past few decades’ prevalence of lifestyle diseases has reached alarming proportions among Indian in the recent years. No doubt, health awareness is the need of the hour with the increasing complex challenges towards us in the 21st century.

Not only these data’s and statistics are shocking, the same thing I had observed on the personal level too. Being a physician and as an individual I had observed that “diseases especially chronic and life style diseases such as Asthma, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension and heart diseases are the major factor that creates a constant state of worry for most of the families. These diseases not only affect a single individual but put a negative pressure on whole family as well. The burden of these diseases, affect physical, mental, emotional, social and economic state of diseased individual. These diseases are main reason, that most of the people wouldn’t be able to enjoying their life at fullest.

After observing and analysing these facts, I always had a strong desire to motivate people, to make “health”, is one of the high priority in life. And when blog chatter has launched their blog projects and asked me, to choose any theme which I wish to use as subject for raising awareness among people. I was overwhelmed, and I had taken this golden opportunity to share my thoughts as #healthisDiamond project.

As we all know, taking necessary precautions and awareness are always better before the disease strikes. Through my blog chatter project, I want to raise awareness about the healthier life style that, of course includes eating healthy food and regular exercise. This thing will help in lower the risk of CVS and other life style diseases and in long term, it will increase optimism, productivity and contentment. My project will include these 4 topics:

  1. ·         Why health is so important? Here are some incredible reasons, why “HealthisDiamond”?
  2. ·         10 Obstacles standing between you and a healthy life style
  3. ·         A Complete guide to eat healthy with a busy lifestyle (20 realistic ways)
  4. ·         A complete guide to exercise regularly with a hectic life schedule

with this first post, I want to ask few questions?

v  Would you be able to maintain an ideal work-family-health lifestyle balance? Or you often struggled with it?
v  Do you think it is a high time to make health is a first priority?
v  Did you have a major wakeup call like me (after having a serious disease condition in the family or with yourself)?
v  Do you agree #HealthisDiamond? And we should try to raise awareness among people with our best possible effort?

Please share your experience, thoughts, and suggestions?

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5 Simple Ways to Deal with Chronic Pain

Any pain that is lasting more than 12 weeks is called chronic pain. Chronic pain may limit a person’s movement, which can reduce the flexibility, strength and stamina. It affects the physical, mental, emotional and social aspects of life. Chronic pain can create a troubling cycle to various routine activities and leads to a pervasive lack of wellness that can be debilitating.

Of course, living a normal and pleasant life with chronic pain is challenging, but it is not the end of hope. Learning how to deal with your pain in healthy ways can position you to cope more effectively with the stressful situations. And you would be able to enjoy life with positive attitude and optimism.
Here are 5 simplest ways to coping with chronic pain.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Of course, adopt a healthy lifestyle should be a way of living a happy and successful life, but if you are suffering from any kind of chronic pain than it is mandatory to take this step more seriously.

Healthy lifestyle not only helps in dealing with chronic pain but also play a vital role in the prevention of other metabolic and lifestyles diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. And for that purpose, it is must to:

Eat a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet
Eat a healthy diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grain has so many health benefits. It keeps our immune system strong and helps in prevention of further complications. A strong immune system plays a vital role in coping with the chronic pain. 

Regular exercise
Regular exercise also helps in boosting the level of good hormones, it keeps our musculoskeletal system strong, improves mood and increases the body’s natural ability to cope with the chronic pain. 

 Try to improve sleep quality
Poor sleep quality may increase the experience of pain and cause a state of irritability and depression. Good night sleep helps in dealing with the psychological impact of chronic pain. So it is recommended to improve your sleep quality by doing simplest things such as setting a schedule for sleeping and wake-up time, adjust the room temperature properly, try some relaxation technique before sleeping to induce a peaceful sleep etc.

Take the better control of your stress level

 By taking the better control of stress, you may get some relief from chronic pain. There are several techniques that help your body to relax. Such as,
  • ·         Yoga and meditation
  • ·         Deep breathing exercise
  • ·         Progressive muscle relaxations
  • ·         Take the help of soothing, calming music
  • ·         Mental imagery relaxation

It is recommended to take a professional advice before starting a specific technique. It is also mandatory to learn the correct method for getting the maximum benefit.

Become active and engaged

According to American Psychological association, distracting yourself from your pain by engaging in activities you enjoy will help you highlight the positive aspects of life. By doing this, you might not be able to avoid pain but you can take better control of your life.

Cut back on alcohol and quit smoking

Apart from other health hazards, smoking can worsen the painful circulation and increases the risk of heart disease and cancer. Quit smoking can help you in improving quality of life

Ask for help

Remember, asking for help is a sign of strength, not the weakness. So if you are struggling with the chronic pain and feeling helpless,

Join a support group
Going through the constant struggle of your pain could be frustrating, especially if you are doing it alone. It may cause a sense of loneliness and isolation. Reach out the people through the internet or your local community for the support group is the best way to reduce your burden. These support groups can understand your problem and reduce your burden by helping you understand your everyday struggle and emotions.

Consult a professional
Chronic pain may cause depression, anxiety and sleeplessness. Sometimes the psychological aspect of chronic pain worsens the existing pain condition. Getting counselling with the mental professional can help you handle the psychological repercussion of the condition. And you can learn to cope with chronic pain more effectively and positively.

So these are some coping tips that can make your path a little easier, what are your thoughts? Please share!

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Since next week, it is time to start with super exciting #Blogchatterprojcets and I am in with a most relevant topic #HealthisDiamond, that means health is one of the most important yet sometimes an ignored aspects of life. will share the same thought in upcoming project. so, stay tuned! are you also partcipating in upcoming blogchatter project? what are your idea? please share!

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#SayNotoPolyster - A Complete Product Review of "Mama Earth's First 100 %Organic Bamboo Based wipes"

AS I had stated earlier in the previous post about the “"Mama earth introducing India's first 100% organic Bamboo Based wipes and here the time has come and I am sharing a complete review about this newly launched baby wipes.
From my point of view, here are some unique features of these baby wipes that makes it more trustworthy.

India’s first 100% organic bamboo based wipes

-It is made up of 100% organic Bamboo. It is India’s first Polyester free un-bleached organic wipes. Bamboo fiber is more breathable than cotton fiber that has been used mostly in traditional wipes.

Enriched with natural ingredients

It is enriched with natural ingredients. Along with organic Bamboo, these wipes have a gentle blend of Aloe Vera, Shea butter, almond oil, and Lavender oil. All these ingredients have amazing nourishing properties. They are completely natural and free from side effects.

Perfect for Baby’s sensitive skin

It is perfect for baby’s sensitive skin. The unique combination of natural ingredients and organic Bamboo, make it just perfect for cleaning baby’s sensitive skin and soothes very well. it does not only help in cleaning the bottom areas of the baby but perfect for cleaning messy hands, face and body as well.

Ideal Travel Companion

Travelling with the baby is not an easy task. And these wipes make our job a little easier; especially when we are on go. They are easy to carry around when you are travelling with your baby. They have a protective lid that helps lock the freshness and moisture of wipes for longer.

Free from usual side effects caused by traditional wipes

Usually, the regular use of traditional wipes caused various side effects such as redness of the skin, rashes and dry, cracked skin in so many babies. These wipes have a unique combination of natural and mild ingredients, and free from these usual side effects caused by the use of traditional wipes. They are hypo allergic, clinically tested and gentle enough to use daily.

Certified toxin free

It is “Asia’s first Made Safe Certified Brand”, and free from Petrochemicals, Polyester bleach, Chlorine dyes, Parabens, Sulphates, Mineral oil, Synthetic fragrance etc.
As I was already impressed with these unique features, and I already had an immense respect for Mama Earth for their genuine efforts to providing excellent quality products for their customers. When I had received these baby wipes as first few customers, I was super excited. As my kids are older now, I had sent them to my sister in law, who is a second-time mommy of a cute little boy.

My Honest confession

Before moving ahead with the product review, I had an honest parenting confession. It was a few years ago, when I was blessed with a cute girl child, apart from other routine parenting issues, I had struggled a lot with clean up after diapering especially while travelling. As my both girls have sensitive skin, they often get rashes and other skin issues after using traditional wipes.
I wished I could have these baby wipes (and other toxin-free baby products as well) for babies, that may help a lot in gentle and thorough cleanups. I think today’s new parents are really lucky. They had not only these gentle baby wipes for their babies but other wide range of baby products as well, that ensures a gentle and ideal care for your babies.

By the way, back to my sister in law’s story. When she has received these wipes, as a conscious and caring mom, she has said instantly,

“All right di, these wipes are easy to use and convenient, but I did not like the artificial fragrance and preservatives that have been used in most of the wipes. They often cause skin rashes and other skin issues on baby’s gentle skin. She was a little bit apprehensive about using these wipes”. And I could understand her concern as a caring mommy, who always wants to ensure everything properly, before using any product, especially for her babies.

When I had explained her unique combination of organic bamboo and other natural ingredients, she has become ready to give a try to these baby wipes.

After using these wipes, she has given this feedback to me. According to her,
  • ·         I love all natural ingredients and great texture, and supreme quality of these wipes.
  • ·         It is easy to use and convenient. It is easy to grab with one hand while wrangling a wiggly baby with another hand.
  • ·         The lid locks the freshness and moisture of wipes for a longer period of time.
  • ·         Until now, I had not observed any side effect like rashes or dryness in baby, after using them.
  • ·         The smell is wonderful and refreshing. and last and most importantly, I had an inner peace as a parent, because I am using “Asia’s Made safe certified brand” that is made up of completely natural and toxin-free ingredients”. It is really an awesome experience.

As a final word, she says,

” Yes! It is true that as a caring and conscious parent, we all always want the gentle and ideal care for our babies. We always want to ensure that we are buying and using the safest products for our babies. And these baby wipes is one of that product that will relieve our parental anxiety and will help a lot in gentle and thorough clean-up of our babies. It is worth to give try to these awesome new baby wipes; I hope you will get the same result and satisfaction that I get after using it.”

Positive parenting is extremely delighted to be one of the first few users of these baby wipes. And I would say this thing confidently that these baby wipes are definitely different from the usual polyester containing baby wipes and free from toxic material. And along with mam earth, I will also say that it is a high time to #SayNotoPolyster.

Did you have ever tried any of Mama Earth products? What was your experience? Please share with us!

Note- this is a sponsored post.

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"Mama earth introducing India's First Organic Bamboo Based Wipes"-Celebrate Parenthood with this unique product

Parenthood has the greatest potential influence in human life and parenting journey is a long road.  It is one of the most beautiful, satisfying and incredibly magical experience of one’s life. But sometimes, it is exhausting and frustrating too. It is true that,

“Babies are always more trouble than you thought-and more wonderful- Charles Osgood”

While the birth of new baby is indisputably miraculous, the demands are daunting, exhausting and sometimes frustrating too. On one side, while baby go through different stages of infant development (sitting, walking, and teething) during first year of life, another side as parent we also learnt a lot during this span of time.

Big thanks to latest technology and development that has made our job as a parent much easier than before. Nowadays, we had a wide range of baby essential items that helped a lot to parents to complete their parental responsibilities. From setting up the nursery to gathering the gear for sleeping, eating, diapering, we had tons of baby essentials that will help to create a baby registry that includes all the important stuffs that we need as a new parent. Baby wipes is one of them.

What is baby wipes?

Baby wipes is one of the most common baby essential that has become an important part of daily life for so many families. According to Wikipedia,

“Baby wipes are wet wipes used to cleanse the sensitive skin of infant. These are saturated with solutions anywhere from gentle cleansing ingredients to alcohol based cleansers.”

Uses of Baby wipes

Maintaining a good hygiene and cleaning routine is one of the most integral part of baby care. And for that purpose, just diapering alone will not be sufficient for baby. After every change of diaper it is must to clean bottom area properly and thoroughly to remove faecal enzymes, urine and poop. This step is mandatory to prevent rashes and other skin infections. If the area not gets cleaned properly, it could put your baby at risk for bacterial infection. And sometimes as a new (and also a busy and exhausting) parent, we want something that helped us in quick and hazel free clean-ups.

 Here, the baby wipes play a great role and help us in easy and deep cleaning of baby. These wipes not only helps in cleaning the bottom area, but they serve so many other purpose as well such as cleaning the other areas of body, mopping up the small spills in the car etc.

Harmful effects of Traditional baby wipes

While on one side, these wipes are very easy to use and convenient; especially for changing the diapers on the go.  Another side there are some associated risk factors too. Such as:

 According to FDA, cleansing wipes are made up of materials such as polyesters, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp or rayon fibres formed into sheets. They may contain other ingredients such as Methysothiazolinan as a preservative; this substance may cause serious allergic reaction.

Wipes may contain harmful chemicals (as a hidden ingredient), these ingredients are not labelled on baby wipes but they are present (like formaldehyde and hydroquinone). These harmful chemicals are so toxic and irritants, they could easily assimilate through baby’s skin and may cause serious side effects on baby’s skin. And may cause:

  • ·         Severe allergic reaction on baby’s skin
  • ·         Dryness and itching
  • ·         Burning sensation with redness and soreness
  • ·         In some cases blisters may form on baby’s skin.

Although baby wipes have certain chemicals and may cause some harmful effects in some babies, we cannot deny the fact that baby wipes are convenient to use, especially when we are constantly on go. And it helps a lot in maintaining a good hygiene and proper cleaning in baby care.

v  So, do we have any alternative way through which we can get all benefits of using baby wipes without suffering from any potential side effects caused by traditional wipes containing polyesters and other harmful chemicals?
v  Do we have any gentle, soothing baby wipes that is perfect for our little one’s sensitive skin?
v  Do we have any option that is clinically tested and made from 100% organic, natural ingredients?
Yes! We have a perfect solution for all these parental anxieties. Now, we have a “completely organic and free from toxic chemicals wipes”, that will give a satisfactory and gentle clean up to our babies without causing any potentially dangerous side effects. And these supreme quality wipes are going to launched by the “Mama earth” with a unique thought that is #SayNoToPolyester.

  “Mama Earth introducing first organic bamboo based wipes”

Mama earth is a well-known and well-trusted brand, which had made a great success with their wide range of products (especially baby products) in a very shorter span of time.  They always followed the unique principle of offering toxin free and safe products for their customers. They are “Asia’s first Made safe certified brand”.  At mama earth, nothing is more important than your baby’s safety. They invest a lot of time and resources to improve the gentle and thorough cleaning for your baby. And this time they are introducing “India’s first organic bamboo based organic wipes”.

These wipes are made from 100% Organic bamboo, enriched with Vitamin E, Shea butter and Almond oil and aloe Vera to gently nourish your baby’s skin. These are earth friendly biodegradable alternative to traditional polyester based wet wipes.

While launching these wipes Mama Earth is saying #SayNoToPolyester

I believe these wipes are here to end our all parental worries and anxieties caused by traditional wipes containing polyesters and other harmful chemicals.

My Heartiest congratulations to Mam earth for introducing “India’s first organic bamboo based baby wipes”

What are other unique features of this baby wipes? How they are different from traditional wipes? I Will share a detail review of these baby wipes, in upcoming post. So stay tuned!

Did you have ever tried any of Mama Earth products? What was your experience? Please share with us!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

#Supermomcontest- "4 Effective Tips to Improve Your Mental Health"

 Mental health is as important as physical health in the workplace and in social settings. Flexing your emotional muscles is crucial to remain resilient and healthy in everyday life. Taking good care of your mental health can boost your mood, self-confidence and can add a positive effect on your overall enjoyment of life.

Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood to adolescence. Unfortunately, mental health is an ignored aspect of our everyday life. And mental health problems are actually very common, even young children show early warning signs of mental health concerns.

 So here are the 4 effective tips to improve your mental health.

Adopt a healthy life style

Taking care of yourself physically can improve your mental health. Be sure to adopt a healthy life style that includes:
  • ·         Eat healthy, nutritious and balanced meal with plenty of fruits, vegetable and whole grains- a healthy diet will help to keep your immune system and you will be better able to cope up with routine stress
  • ·         Regular exercise has numerous benefits for our physical as well as mental health. It increases level of serotonin and endorphin (feel good hormones) and helps in decrease the depression, anxiety and stress. It also helps in improving mood.
  • ·         Get enough sleep, lots of mental illnesses often associated with sleep deprivation. Maintain an ideal temperature of room, practice a calming sleep routine such as read a good book, and take a bath, mediation for few minutes.
  • ·         Always keep a check on your mental stress level.

Value yourself

  Value yourself and having a sense of self-compassion is the second important thing that improves mental health. It is one of the most critical aspects of life. It is must to give same kindness and care to ourselves that we did give to a good friend. If you don’t love, cherish and value yourself than it is unlikely that you will dedicate time and energy to living to living a healthy, happy and productive life.
So, for improving the mental health, it is must to:
  • ·         Value yourself; treat yourself with kindness and respect
  • ·         Avoid self-criticism
  • ·         Plan realistic goals in your life
  • ·         Always try to take out some quality time to your self
  • ·         Focus or develop a hobby, do whatever you want to do

Gratitude should be attitude

 It is all right to have plans, desires and ambitions in life but having a self-contentment is equally important. Life is much better when we acknowledging the brighter side. Expressing and practicing gratitude always help in improve mental well-being. Most of us often forget to be grateful for various blessings that God has given us.

 Track gratitude and achievements with a journal is a good idea to get started. Include 3 things you were grateful for and 3 things you were able to accomplish each day will help you to develop a sense of gratitude for your blessings. And also improve your overall mental health too.

Learn stress relieving techniques

Stress is an integral part of our everyday life. and constant stress put a negative impact on our mental health. stress relieving techniques like yoga, meditation not only relieves mental stress, also helps in improving overall mental health as well.
  • ·         Again regular exercise, even a simple 30 minutes walking per day can help you to reduce stress and boost mood
  • ·         Explore stress relieving programs such as tai-chi, meditation, yoga, gentle breathing exercise.  Relaxation techniques often combine breathing and focused attention on pleasing thoughts and images to calm the mind and the body. A schedule regular time for these and other relaxing activities always helps in improving the mental health.
  • ·         Take a nature walk, nature has amazing healing power. Being close to nature is the easiest way to get de-stressed
  • ·         Talk to your family, friends and stay connected with the people who understand your sentiments and helps you in recovering from low days.
  • ·         Practice mindfulness, the true treasure of life lies in sweet, tiny moments. So try to stay in moments, forget unnecessary worries and anxieties and enjoy the true essence of life.

 Additional Tips

  • ·         Surround yourself with positive people
  • ·         Volunteer your time and energy to help someone else
  • ·         Break the monotonous routine by doing simple changes such as go to a different park or try another cuisine for dinner.
  • ·         Work on your strength to build self-confidence and courage
  • ·         Keep an optimistic approach towards life
  • ·         Take the help of creativity (colouring, drawing, and writing) to get de-stressed
  • ·         Take time to laugh, laughter is the best medicine. It reduces routine aches, pain and anxiety level.
  • ·         Use social media wisely, get disconnected time to time to avoid constant mental pressure
  • ·         Spend some time in sunshine to get enough vitamin D (It believes it is a mood elevator)
  • ·         Practice forgiveness
  • ·         Enjoy a relaxing bath or spa to relieve stress
  • ·         Avoid alcohol, smoking or other drugs

So these are some incredibly effective ways to improve your mental health. Which one you liked most? How do you take care of your mental health? Please share!

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