Tuesday, May 22, 2018

#acryliccosmeticorganizer- My Honest Product Review

Being a mom life is not easy. We always had tons of duties and responsibilities.  Definitely managing household chores, kid’s responsibilities and then pursuing your own job or business is not an easy task. For completing them, we all need to wear so many hats in a single day.

Despite these duties and responsibilities, we all want that our all kinds of stuff remain organized and on the place. It sounds amazing but it can be overwhelming to keep everything in order. And very often we all struggled with these time to time. And the same thing has happened to me.

It was around a few time ago when I had started my blogging journey with an immense satisfaction and spark of creativity in my everyday life. It was quite satisfying that I had been working from home, without disturbing my parental or household responsibilities. Another side, this “work from home” had offered me, its own challenge too. Sometimes I had the hardest time to manage all the responsibilities (household, parental and my own work) together.

In fact, it was really hard to keep everything organized and on the place with the pressure of these multiple responsibilities.

It was quite upsetting for me, that my drawers are overflowing and my products scattered throughout the home.

Especially there is one area, that was pretty difficult to organize- and that was my cosmetics. I have a lot of it and I was not sure how to organize it.

 Being a mom of two cute daughters (who always love to apply and (play???) with makeup) managing my makeup products becomes the hardest job for me. It was a common scenario for me that my girls disorganized my makeup items and I have to waste my precious morning time to just search for these routine kinds of stuff.

After a period of frustration, I had thought instead of getting angry, I should try to find the better way to organize my makeup essentials. I was searching a good quality make up organizer so desperately. And finally, my search comes to an end, with this great product.

I had seen this awesome acrylic organizer here , while searching online and bought this product to resolve my disorganizing issues.

And when I had received this product, I was quite satisfied with its look and quality.

Cool Features of this product

 Here are some cool features of this product.

  • As this product help you a lot in organizing make up essentials, it will change your entire routine. You will keep your items in a safe and fixed place and make it easy to find, whenever you need it.
  • It is made up of acrylic material so it is easy to clean. You can easily keep it clean with normal water and soap solution.
  • It has a separate compartment for each cosmetic, so they fit perfectly and as it is made up of clear acrylic, you can see everything at a glance.
  • It is handy; you can move it easily from your dressing table to bathroom counter.
  • It is small in size and great in functionality, so it saves your space too.
  • It helps in keeping things organized, so it saves out time too, for getting ready especially during morning hectic hours or when you are in rush to going outside and had little time to get ready.

So as a conclusion I will say,

“If you are in a search of a lightweight, attractive and functional make up organizer, to organize your make up products and every day makes up essentials, then this is a good product and you can give it a try”. Ultimately it will make your life easier when you go to put your make up, it helps you find what you need quickly and without frustration.

Things to keep in mind while buying it

  • Take your time and have the patience to decide what type of organizer is right for you. If you had lots of cosmetics including lipsticks and nail polish, you may need a big size organizer.
  • Do a proper research before buying it.
  • This makeup organizer is small in size, so if you had lots of makeup essentials, think twice before buying it. It has good space to organize nail polish and lipsticks but had less space for putting creams, lotions or other makeup tools.
  • As I am using this product for less than 1 month, I am not sure about how durable it is?

Here is the link https://www.giveawayservice.com/p/q0h5c2e8/t4a0b4w9a8 if want to know more about this product. #acryliccosmeticorganizer


I had received this product in exchange for review from giveaway service at a discounted rate. And all the expressed opinion is mine. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

#Mother's day contest- Mixed Emotions of My Motherhood journey

Being a mom is a gift that is unimaginably precious. It is a love that never ends; it is a relationship that never dies. Nothing else can produce the true joy and satisfaction that motherhood allows. It is a journey that made us happy every day. Being a mom and enjoying the sweet tiny moments of motherhood is a dream of every woman.
Of course, it is a life-altering experience. It shows us wide spectrum of emotions in a single day. It is true that,

“When you are a mother you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice. One for herself and one for her child”- Sophia Loren

For me, it has been an amazing journey so far. I am fortunate enough that I had gotten this golden opportunity twice in my life. Being a mom of two cute dolls I feel my selves the luckiest person in the world. I had a beautiful life that always filled with some ordinary, some extraordinary, some crazy and some mad moments. I love to celebrate the divine spirit of motherhood every day. Of course, we all love the warmth of being a mom and we all love to enjoy this hilarious journey. But the glimpse of real life is the messier and more complicated than the assumption.

 Being a mom, every morning I love to wake up my dolls. I love to see their little faces and feet every morning.  Their giggles and laughter filled my house with a great positive energy instantly. I absolutely enjoy their hugs and kisses. I love to cook healthy breakfast for them, and then get them ready for the school; Morning Prayer and weaving a goodbye….I love each and every moment. I want to teach them all good things that I had learnt from my mother. I tried my hardest to teach them about love, compassion and honesty. I want to make them a strong and confident individual. They beat of my heart and the energy of my soul. Yes! It is true that every morning I fall in love with them all over again and again.

 But, being a mom, there are days, when I am tired of the monotony. Sometimes there are days when I just do not feel like doing anything. I just do not want to get from the bed. Indeed, I want to sleep for hours uninterruptedly until my body wakes up by themselves. During these days I felt that waking up my dolls is the most daunting task in the world. Because I know they would not listen to me easily. It will take 20-30 minute to just make them wake up. Their morning tantrums driving me crazy.  And then again the same sequence of routine tasks (breakfast, get them ready…) make me feel made. I felt a sense of stagnation and boredom in life.

Oh! You may think I am a pessimist and a low-spirited person. But it is not true. I still love the feeling of being a mom each day. Seeing my kids happy is one of the best feelings in the world for me. When my little dolls get bored, I love to gather all craft supplies and create beautiful crafts with them. I adore each moment when we read a book together, go for a walk, snuggle with them in bed. 

These sweet tiny moments filled my heart with an undefined pleasure immensely.  I want to preserve these great moments for future as a precious memory. Because I know that, very soon they will be grown up, get married and will have their own lives. And I realised the grim realities of the empty nest. I know, one day they wouldn’t need me anymore.  I will be alone and will miss every single moment of their childhood. So I do not want to miss these delightful moments and love to celebrate the spirit of motherhood every day. I just love the feeling of being a mom.

But some days, I am over exhausted as a being a mom.  I get up and just go through the mommy motions even really finding any joy and creativity.  I feel irritated when they do not listen to me. I shout on them when they do not finish their food properly. I get angry when I finished a clean-up and they messed up again within few minutes. I feel mad when I heard “we are getting bored” sentence 100 times in a day.  And then I just want to run away from these never-ending tasks and pressuring responsibilities. I just want only me and my time.

But very soon I realised that realised that motherhood is a precious gift of God.  It is one of the most treasured blessings in my life. I suddenly had a realisation that yes! Motherhood is hardest….but is greatest too. It is the glorious life force. And there are so many women who want to be a mom but they cannot. And I get to fall in love with my job all over again. And enjoy the amazing feeling of being a mom.

 Of course, as a mom, it feels great when my daughters won awards and appreciation in school. I experience a great sense of joy in volunteering in all school activities. It seems that their all crafts and projects are mine and I want to make the best with my all efforts. I love to cook ten different dishes in a single day, when they show food tantrums. I watch all kids show and rhyme videos with absolute pleasure. I like to shop for them and want to buy most elegant clothing for them. I want to make them “prettiest princess” in the world.

But it is true that sometimes, I feel very depressed that I had left my carrier only for my family. Sometimes, I miss my individuality. I missed my job. Sometimes, I want to shop only for me (that rarely happens). I want to cook only those dishes which I love (I did not remember the last moment when I had done that), I want to watch only my favourite shows and movies (usually, I did not get a chance to touch the remote)

Last but not the least I missed my mom so much, especially after being a mom. Now, I can realise that how much she loved me? How she has sacrificed her all desires only for us? I missed each moment of her love and care. And along with this, I missed my life as a daughter who always shows tantrums on smallest things but had an amazing mom who always loves me.

So yes! I feel fortunate to have a wonderful family. And I enjoy each moment of my life as a daughter, mother, sister, and a wife. I love to celebrate the spirit of motherhood every day. Definitely, it is an absolute pleasure and the most amazing feeling that is the most extreme measure of being alive. I really love everything about “being a mom”.  But it is also true that I also want to celebrate a life of an individual too. I want some quality time for my selves every day. I love to cultivate a purpose in my life that is uniquely my own. I want to be able to do things which I want to do. I get to contribute to the world by any mean. I always want to feel better about my selves with a positivity of “self-identity”.

You may think I am a “Selfish mom” but it was an honest confession of me. What is yours? Do you also get the powerful mix of emotions every day? Please with us.

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Three Essential Summer Safety Tips for Kids- "Keep your kids safe!"

Summer is just around the corner. It is an ideal time to explore outdoors and enjoy various fun activities with family and friends. But as the temperature and humidity go up, so does the risk of summer mishaps too, summer mishaps are quite common. According to research data, injuries to children ages, 14 and under are most likely to happen in the summer months. Playground activities, biking and swimming are the summer activities most responsible for injuries to children.

Before you round up your family and head for the outdoor, read up on ways to make your days in the sun safe as well as fun.

Heat safety

Children face a greater risk of dehydration and heat-related illness. Normally, our bodies get cooled through sweating and by radiating through the skin. But in hot weather, high humidity and high temperature did not work efficiently, letting heat in the body and can bring the risk of heat-related illness. According to NSW, hot weather can affect your baby or child, because their bodies cannot adjust to changes in temperature like adults. They sweat less and generate more heat during exercise than adults. They are at risk of overheating and developing the heat-related illness.

 Infants and children up to 4 years of age are at greatest risk for heat-related illness. And the prevention is the best defence against the heat-related illness. Here are few easy tips that can provide sun safety.

  • ·         Avoid being in the sun between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • ·         Dress appropriately kids in protective clothing and hats, clothing that covers your child’s skin help protect against UV rays.
  • ·        childhood sun exposure increases skin cancer risk later in life. “Children are more sensitive to sun and sun’s rays are strongest during summer months, when children tend to spend ample time outdoors”- says Perry Robins MD (president of skin cancer foundation), so it is must to practice sun-screen application beforehand. Teach children to apply 1 ounce of sunscreen to all exposed areas 30 minutes before outdoor activities.
  • ·         It is also mandatory to remind kids to seek the shade areas in order to limit UV exposure.
  •         Stay cool with cool showers or bath
  • ·         Never leave infants, Children or pets in a parked car and dress them in loose, lightweight and light coloured clothing
  • ·         Seek medical care immediately if your child has the heat-related illness, such as heavy sweating, nausea, vomiting, fainting etc.

Water Safety

During summer some of the best fun comes from water activities, but on another side, these ample water activities increase the risk of death due to drowning.  data shows, out of every 5 drowning victims, one will be under the age of 1 to 4.  Also, it is the third leading cause of all deaths for children age 1 to 4.

Water safety is very important. Here are few important tips to ensure water safety for kids.

  • ·         Stay alert and always supervise your children all time around swimming pool, bathtub and natural water bodies. While supervising avoid distracting activities such as reading a book or talking on the phone.
  • ·         Get swimming lessons. According to American Academy of Paediatrics children can safely take swim lessons as early as age 1 at the parents' discretion.
  • ·         CDC recommends it is best to learn CPR and get recertified every 2 years. It is also advisable to use buddy system while swimming and look for swimming sites that have lifeguards.

Additional tips for water safety

  • ·         Being proactive with your pool or spa and must take proper safety precautions to ensure your children are safe.
  • ·         Be prepared for pool emergencies
  • ·         Avoid using air-filled or foam toys as the safety device
  • ·         Use proper safety precautions such as wearing a life jacket before swimming and know the local weather condition and forecast.

Bug safety

Along with water and sun safety, keep mosquitos and ticks from bugging you and your kids is equally important. Mosquitos, biting files and tick can make children miserable and can cause Zika, West mile virus and Lyme diseases (which are usually transmitted by insects).

Children National.org offers few ways to minimize the risk of bug bite.

  • ·         Avoid outdoor activities during dusk and dawn when mosquitos are most active.
  • ·         Avoid playing in or round puddles of water or flowerbed
  • ·         Wear appropriate clothes to minimize skin exposure.
  • ·         Use of insect repellent is also advisable. according to American Acedemy of paediatrics insect repellents that contain active ingredients, DEET is good for use. If you play to be outside for only a few hours, a lower concentration of DEET is recommended, but if you plan on being outside for a full day, a higher concentration is recommended (but no more than 30 percent)

So these are some easiest way that will help you to have a safe summer. How do you keep your child safe during summer? Please share!

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#week 10 #Superbloggerchallenge2018 with Instacuppa- "5 Awesome Reasons Why Should you Participate in Superbloggerchallenge2019"

It is week 10

Oh! I am feeling so nostalgic...

Time just passed with a flying speed and we are just at the end of #Superbloggerchallenge2018
What to say, about this 10 week of the journey. I remember it was just a few weeks ago, when I had seen an Insta post by Dr. Amrita about this challenge, and just signed up with an immense curiosity and nervousness. I had no idea at that time, what will be the challenge exactly? Would I be able to survive 10 weeks or would I be able to perform each week with same consistency and excitement?

And finally the moment came and challenge got started. Since the first week (with the first newsletter by Dr. Amrita), I get an idea that it is really well-organized challenge and I will learn a lot with it. And yes! The same thing happens too in upcoming weeks.

And with each week, something new and exciting got happened…

Initially, during the first and second week, it was just about the writing the post and follow the directions and homework from the newsletter, but after that when we Superbloggerchallengers become a part of part of amazing super blogger challenge community. The excitement reached another level. Whether it is,

Every week, waiting for the linky to get open and excitement to submit your post first,
 And then comment on each other’s blog or

Waiting for “hall of fame” and excitement on writing on each week’s brand new prompts or

 Thrilling twitter chat activities and wish to get higher votes for each post

Or just doing a simple chit-chat in what’s group.

Each moment and every experience was just so awesome. It is a feeling that cannot be described in the words.

Indeed, it is really hard to sum up this journey and this incredible experience in few words or in a blog post.

Still, I would love to conclude this awesome journey with an uplifting message for all aspiring bloggers, who want to move ahead and learn more about the finer aspect of the creative world of blogging.

So, in this last post, I am sharing 5 reasons, why every blogger should participate in Superbloggerchallenge (in upcoming seasons)

You will learn a lot every day about each fine aspect of blogging

Yes! This is the first and most important reasons; nowadays blogging is become just like a passion or hobby of every second person. And it is good that people are so keen to share their thoughts, opinion and way of living with others with the help of digital world.

Another side the same thing creates a huge competition in the blogging world, and it becomes really hard to stand out among this huge crowd and get your voice heard by people... And here the Superbloggerchallenge and their amazing hosts play a great role. If you participate in this challenge, every week you will get the very informative newsletter (and adult homework too)...with this guidance you will learn a lot about each fine aspect of blogging such as how to monetize your blog, how to use social media effectively and how to grow your blog step by step. It is a kind of getting an exclusive blogging class from the comfort of your home.

Also, if you get any issue about anything, you can freely ask to hosts either by mail or by discussing in special super blogger what’s group, and you will get an amazing guidance for all your queries.

You will get an amazing guidance of awesome hosts

As I had said earlier, this challenge is not just about the write or publishing your post, this is about getting an exclusive guidance too. And here is the team of great 3 hosts that are always ready to make your path easier and with their audience, you will learn a lot every day. My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Amrita from Healthwealthbridge.com from, Dr. Bushra from, allaboutthewoman.com and UK from Fasionablefoodz.com.

Also big thanks to our sponsored Instacuppa for organizing and supporting this challenge.
So if you are feeling lonely and struggling with any aspect of blogging, join this challenge. You will get a great guidance and direction to solve any blogging issue.

You will get an amazing support of the co-bloggers community

The third and another important reason, get a support of amazing blogging community. Sometimes being a writer, life becomes so lonely and isolated. We all want to support and help from each other. And the same thing you will get here without any effort. You can learn a lot from each other’s experience; can help each other to giving honest feedback. I had made so many great blogging friends during this journey and I want to say special thanks to Mann, vartika, jay, rashi, Ms Arora, ghazala naseem, shipra Trivedi, and many more to always being so supportive and caring.

SBC will enhance your creativity, writing abilities and other blogging skills

Yes! This is another prominent reason, blogging is a creative field. And if you want to succeed, a creative quotient always help you to design your blog, or write more creatively.  With the journey of Superbloggerchallenge, this thing happens automatically. Each week, when we visit lots of blog, read and observed the hard work of other talented and creative bloggers, this experience automatically enhances your creativity and other blogging skills.

You will have loads of fun and ultimately become a better blogger

Last but not the least; with this awesome journey, you will gain a lot. And you will have loads of fun!

Also, this learning is just the beginning …Superblogger academy has much more to offer to you. If you sign for Super blogger academy, you would be able to get access to in depth tutorials on all other aspects of blogging. So just go ahead and grab your spot. I am sure you will not get any disappointment.

So these are key points of my experience with Superbloggerchallenge2018, what is your experience? please share with us!

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Sharing my thoughts and experience about Superbloggerchallenge 2018, as an audio too (on Soundcloud)

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#indibloggercontest, #Definitely PTE- "Plan to Study Aboard, Here is Why You Should Say #Definitely PTE"

Of course, studying overseas is an incredible lifetime opportunity that has amazing benefits in all areas of life. After all, college years are the best years of your life to jet off to a completely new world and immerse yourself in an entirely different way of life.

It is also true that living abroad and studying here comes with its challenges. And it is not as easy as sound.

It has been 3 years ago when we moved from India to the USA. And during this period of time, I had learnt a lot about dynamics of living in a foreign country and exploring a completing new and distinct culture.

With this 3 years of enriching experience, I could say one thing confidently that experiencing a distinct culture and explore a new country definitely helps in broaden your perspective. You would become a more empathetic, knowledgeable and understanding person with this unique experience.
After observing so many greatest advantages of studying aboard I always had a wish that my kids or close relatives should get a chance to studying here and start their carrier with this awesome initiative.

And luckily, the same thing has happened after few days. It was 2 weeks ago when during a weekend afternoon my cousin has called me after a long time. She has said, “Di, I am so desperate to pursue my further education abroad. I had a strong desire to learn and explore the completely different world...and I need your guidance for the same”.

Being a doctor, blogger and most importantly an elder sister, I felt an immediate sense of responsibility to guide her properly. And we had a long conversation on how to plan for studying aboard,

Sharing the key points of this conversation here, hoping it may help others.

At first instance, we had talked about the common problems that everyone faces who wished to plan to study aboard.

Common problems people faces who want to go aboard for studying.

Adjust to climatic condition

New country and new (maybe adverse weather conditions) and you have to learn to adjust to it.

Learn and adjust to new and distinct culture and traditions

The same thing applies here.  you will explore a new world in term of culture and traditions too. And you have to accept it with positivity.

Feeling homesick

Of course, you will be miles away from your country, family and friends. And it would be absolutely normal that you will feel homesick and lonely (time to time)

Financial management

Managing expenses and financial aspect of studying aboard is not an easy thing. You should do a proper planning for managing financial aspect before moving ahead.

Demonstrate your English proficiency

This is one of the most challenging aspects and it is commonly required to demonstrate your English proficiency. English language tests are one of the most common requirements for getting entry into countless study programs in many reputed foreign institutions.

She got little nervous after hearing all these common problems. And after a moment of pause she has asked what can I do to overcome these challenges? And how can I pre-plan better to have a smooth experience?

And here my recent knowledge from Indi blogger campaign came into the action.

Of course, you need a strong mental mindset to get adjusted to all the unexpected horizon of the new country and new culture. You have to do a proper pre-planning for managing financial things.
And one of the most common challenging problem “demonstrate your English proficiency could be solved with the help of PTE academic”

 I had said you should go for a PTE, before moving to aboard. Though there is the range of tests are available but PTE is best. It is a completely computer-based program that ensures a fair and perfect assessment of candidates. And when seats are available, an English test can be scheduled up to 24 hours in a day.

 It is a time to say #definitelyPTE,

She has felt a sense of relaxation and again asked so many questions about PTE, like why should I choose PTE? How it works? Etc.

 And I am so glad that I would be able to answer her all questions patiently and properly.

What is PTE?

PTE is a worldwide leading computer-based test of English. It is typically designed for study aboard and for immigration.

They not only provide the test you need, they also provide all the recourses that increase your chance of success. You can go through preparation path to learn what is in the test step by step.

And then she has asked as a curious student what is preparation path?

Preparation path

Preparation path is consists of following steps:

  • Speaking and writing
  • You can click here to know more about it.
  • Reading
  • You can click here to know more about it.
  • Listening
  • You can click here  to know more about it.
  • Preparation resources
  • You can click here to know more about it.
  • Practice tests
  • You can click hereto know more about it.
  • On test day
  • You can click here to know more about it.

PTE (Pearson Academic Test) is accepted for study applications by thousands of academic programs around the world, including prestigious institutions such as Howard, Yale etc. it is valid in USA, UK, Canada and other countries too. Worldwide, institutions in many popular countries are continuing to grow their recognition of PTE academic, expanding opportunities for study aboard.

I was in full mood to explain her everything about the great unique features of PTE.

Benefits and unique features of PTE (Pearson Academics)

PTE has some really great features and benefits, as 3 fabulous FS.

They are flexible

 They are testing globally over 360 days of the year, in over 250 test centres around the world.

They are fair

The computer-based marking ensures all the test makers are scored impartially and accurately.

They are fast

They believe in the power of working fast and perfectly. They provide results typically within 5 business days.

And apart from this, you had no worries about your security too. They had palm-vein scanning randomized test forms and data forensics ensures test security.

Here is a very good video to learn more about what to expect in Pearson VUE centre

And not only this, they had an excellent site that has a wide of different packages  to suit your preparation needs. This online scored test is timed and scored just like the real PTE academic test; you may have sample questions to familiarize you with the format of PTE Academics.

Pte academics sample questions and scored practice tests can be used within 90 days from the purchase. With the test, you will get the best sense of how you will need to perform on the day to achieve your goal.

And if you had more questions, they had a separate series of FQAs; you can get an answer to any other queries here.

After knowing and understanding all these awesome facts about PTE, my sister has got a deep sense of relaxation, her nervous anxiety got reduced and so became so excited to join PTE academic to perform this test, before moving ahead with her plan of studying aboard.

Here is one more video to learn more about the PTE,

Did you or your family members had any planned to move abroad for studying? Did you had heard about #PTE, and why you should you choose definitely PTE? Please let me know your thoughts, questions, experiences, below in the comment box?

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#week9, #Superbloggerchallenge2018 with Instacuppa- "5 Amazingly Creative Activities for Kids!"

Summer time is just around the corner. And every summer has its own story. In summer hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drink gets colder, music gets louder, nights get longer and life gets better.

"A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining. The breeze is blowing. The birds are singing and the lawn mower is broken- James dent

I think, during holiday season adding some fresh and creative activities is a great way to make meaningful memories and it will strengthen the learning process as well.  I am very happy to share some super creative activities for kids. It will be a great boredom buster for them. I am sure it is a fun way to develop your child’s creative learning and encourage her to think in a more challenging and artistic manner. 

Pop up card making

 Nowadays it is a tradition to celebrate each occasion with card making. And kids love making cards on their own. Handmade cards are more special because they show our love and affection for our dear one. It is the easiest way to explore creativity and imagination power in kids, but if you are bored with routine cards with typical pattern and supplies. Then, here is a perfect solution for that. Pop up card making is a great variation for routine card making.

Have you ever been sent a pop-up greeting card? If so, you can probably remember the design of the card, who sent it and on what occasion? A pop- up card is more special and memorable. It's more than just a card. It is a surprising and amusing gift in its own right. Although pop-up card making requires precision and practices, but the greatest advantage of these cards is they are unique but inexpensive and can be made with routine craft supplies like a pencil, correct paper sheet, and backing sheet.

The book
"Pop-up card making- a book written by Mike Palmer" (a professional paper engineer) is an amazing book to learn this unique art. It has over 50 easy to follow projects for all occasions- wedding, Valentine, Halloween, and Christmas. All the cards have been carefully planned to demonstrate a variety of construction techniques. All the projects are explained with the aid of clear and step by step photographs and accurate technique. These projects will provide you with hours of fun. So give it a try for this vacation for creativity and excitement.


Origami is an ancient art that sounds quite familiar but I am sure that we did not put enough attention to that. Paper boat, fan, glider are some of the common origami projects which are well known, But it is just a beginning. Origami had wide range of projects (different kind of boxes, frames, bookmarks etc.) that are truly classic and unique.

The most important thing about the origami is that it is an art that anyone can do anywhere. All that is needed is a piece of paper and a pair of hands. The richness of this art comes from its purity. It has a wide appeal for everyone. Nowadays it is used in the media, taught in schools, employed as a therapy for people with damaged hands.

The book

 “The complete origami course" written by Paul Jackson is a great book for proper guidance. This book is designed to make learning easy and comfortable. Its first part has some basic information regarding what paper to use? How to fold correctly and how to follow the diagrams?  In each chapter, a new origami fold has revealed. Step by step instructions with great photographs is the most appealing thing. It is an ideal book for both beginners and fully committed enthusiasts.


Patchwork is an art that involves sewing together the small pieces of fabric into a large design. The larger design and end result is usually based on repeat patterns built up with the different fabric shapes. Usually, all kids love to collect different items and arranged them in box lids. Spending happy times by playing with swatches of fabric samples and make the super easy patchwork project (like the pillow cover, quilt) is a great fun for them.

Even though there are various patchwork sewing kits (especially for kids) are available in stores, but it is totally optional. In fact, a small collection of fabrics, basic sewing material and a desire to create your own masterpiece is enough for getting started.

The book

 "Patchwork folk art" is a great book, written by Janet Bolton to get started. This is a great book for beginners. Janet has explained each step of this traditional folk art in detail. She has started with the basic step of inspiration and fabric selection and then includes the composition to exciting techniques for free-hand cutting and stitching, different shape formation, adding an object and finally framing the picture.  She makes the entire process seem easy. The book is filled with the great pictures, illustrations and eye-catching examples of Janet's extraordinary work.  Full-size templates are provided for those who want to reproduce her wonderful work and for those who prefer to create completely original pictures with their imagination; she has offered all the guidance, inspiration and helpful tips. So pull out your fabric, button and ribbon collection and get ready to have fun in the folk art tradition.


 Scrapbooking is the next creativity activity for kids that will give hours of fun and excitement to them. We all had special moments in our life. And photographs provide happy reminders of those special moments, places, peoples or occasion. By displaying photographs creatively we can create lasting mementoes that will be a constant source of pleasure and joy for a family. Scrapbooking is the exact art to do that. In essence, the elements of scrapbook tell us a story. What is the event? Where and when did it take place? All explained beautifully through the art of displaying pictures.

The book

Complete guide to scrapbooking" is a beautifully presented practical book (by- Alison Lindsay) to understand the art of scrapbooking. The first few sections teach us the art of creative image making by using different appropriate techniques such as photographic mosaic and transferring photographs onto fabric.  And then there is guidance in choosing or creating colour co-ordinated backgrounds that complement the pictures. The best part of the book is that there is the wide collection of different themes according to the season, celebrations, festivals, travel with great pictures and detailed instructions. You can learn how to use patterns effectively with the help of this book. This is the ultimate sourcebook for all scrap bookers. And when you create a fabulous end result as a scrap book with your family it will boost your happiness with fun.

Fantasy art

 Kids love fantasy. Mermaids, fairies, dragons….always fascinate them. And using their favourite creatures in an art form is a rare but an excellent idea. It will nurture their creativity and imagination power. Actually, Fantasy art is an ancient art, which was initially associated with the religion and fantasy art designs are drawn from the myths and legends, epic tales and ancient history. Sometimes, science fiction art is confused with the fantasy art. The science fiction is more technology-based and had a futuristic approach but fantasy tends to more natural and featuring unicorn and medieval knights.

The book

"Fantasy" by Chris down is a great book that is packed with a diverse range of designs from simple to more complex images that will appeal to both beginners and experienced crafter. It is an ideal book that helps to apply fantasy designs to their projects. 

It has included the different ideas of crafting ( such as glass painting, stamping, stencilling, paper cut, candles and much more..) and there is a detail instruction about adapting and embellishing designs, adding colours, applying motifs to craft media with a glorious project gallery. Finally, there is a huge collection of templates of fairies, dragons, mythical beasts…so whatever you craft, all the information, ideas and motifs are in this book, ready for you to create amazing fantasy art projects.

So these were my ideas for upcoming summer to boost the creative quotients of my kids. What are your plans? How do you add some creative outlets to your summer holidays? Please share with us!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

#BlogchatterA2Z- "I, Inflammation of Larynx and Homeopathy"

The beautiful season “spring” is here. And we all are geared up to enjoy this beautiful weather with our friends and family. But unfortunately, this sudden change in temperature may cause a common cough, cold, pain in throat and other respiratory and seasonal allergies symptoms. And among this, all hoarseness or laryngitis is one of the common problems that bother so many of us. Here is a complete guide to deal with it.

What is laryngitis?

Inflammation of larynx is called laryngitis, which is usually characterised by hoarseness or loss of voice and throat pain. The larynx is also called a voice box, is an organ that joins the back of the throat to the windpipe (trachea). The larynx is an important organ that helps in respiration and phonation. It allows air to be directed into respiratory organs for gas exchange.

 It also produces vocal sounds and controls the pitch and volume of voice. It acts as a valve to close the respiratory tract and prevents the passage of food and other foreign particles into the lower respiratory tracts.

Laryngitis usually caused by excessive strain on the vocal cords or by viral or bacterial infection. Sometimes smoking, respiratory allergies, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, and use of inhaled steroids may be contributing factors.

Symptoms of laryngitis
  •          Hoarseness
  • ·         Weak voice or voice loss
  • ·         Sore throat
  • ·         Throat pain with tickling sensation and rawness in throat
  • ·         Coughing
  • ·         Slow fever
  • ·         Trouble in swallowing
  • ·         Difficult speaking with the constant need to clear your throat. it is often linked to another illness such as flu, pharyngitis or other respiratory diseases. So you might also have other symptoms such as a runny nose, headache and swollen glands.

The problem usually lasts for few days to 2 weeks at the most.  And get resolved without any serious consequences. If persists longer than this duration, it could be a case of chronic laryngitis for which you need to consult with a doctor.

Here is a list of some simple and homeopathic remedies which you can try to relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and may get your voice box back to normal.

Homeopathic treatment

Using homeopathic remedies for treating laryngitis is a good alternative treatment option. 

 Homeopathy remedies provide great relieve in laryngitis. Even though homeopathic remedies works on the basis of "Individualization" (remedy selected on the basis of individual symptoms of person), but still these are some good remedies to treat laryngitis.

  • ·         Aconite: when there is sudden onset and caused by exposure to cold wind or fright. It is best suitable for the beginning of laryngitis. Patient is restless and fearful. The mental symptoms of aconite are so prominent. Patient has “fear of death” as a strong mental symptom. He puts the finger on the clock and says that this time I will die.  If this kind of restless and fearful mental symptoms associated with laryngitis, then aconite will be the best medicine to cured the symptoms.
  • ·         Drosera- one of the top-rated homeopathic medicine for laryngitis with a nagging cough.
  • ·         Causticum- it is the best suitable remedy for laryngitis from exposure to cold air. There is paralysis of laryngeal muscles, and this remedy is one of the best “anti-paralytic remedy” is homeopathy. Raw throat, sore chest, burning mucus accumulate that is hard to expectorate are another key symptoms. Complaints get worse by dry cold winds and get better by damp and wet weather.
  • ·         Argentum Nitricum:  best medicine for hoarseness of singers and speakers. It is best suited for chronic cases of laryngitis. Patient has a typical sensation of a splinter in the throat on swallowing. Always had thick mucus in throat. Mentally had an apprehensive tendency and nervous – anxious temperament. Had a great desire for sweets.
  • ·         Arum Triphyllum- when the pain in larynx while clearing the throat. Burning sensation in the throat with swollen neck glands is another prominent symptom.
  • ·         Phosphorus- it is indicated, when violent tickling in larynx present with the rawness of throat. Patient has inflamed, sore raw larynx and cannot talk due to severe pain. Violent tickling in the throat while speaking. Tickling leads to a cough. Worse from cold air, emotions, talking, singing and relieved by cold foods.

Additional tips
  1.  Using self-care methods and general precautions may relieve the symptoms of laryngitis and reduce strain on your voice. These are:
  2. ·  Breathe moist air-use a humidifier to keep the air throughout your home or office moist. Inhale steam from the bowl of hot water or a hot shower.
  3. ·   Rest your voice as much as possible
  4. ·    Drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration (avoid alcohol and caffeine)
  5. ·    Avoid whispering as it puts more pressure than the normal speech does.
  6. ·     Avoid decongestants these can dry out your throat.
  7.      Moisten your throat try sucking on lozenges, gargling with salt water or chewing a piece of gum.

So try these wonderful home remedies to treat the annoying symptoms of laryngitis. But in spite of these measures if your symptoms did not improve within few days then do not forget to take a professional medical advice for getting relief.

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